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Old 01-23-2013, 12:05 AM
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Default Tualitan Valley Hwy Corridor Plan (TVCP)

Tuesday night, the plan's project team presented their latest report to Beaveton City Council and attendees. Basically, the project affects improvements to TV Hwy between Beaverton and Hillsboro, while still leaving the highway in its basic two lanes in each direction configuration.

Making TV Hwy a road that's easier for people to walk, bike along, and cross, seem definitely to be key objectives of this plan. Also an objective though, is enabling motor vehicle and mass transit bus use to be safer and more efficient.

As par for the course, the team presented with the use of a powerpoint visual aid, some maps in particular using animated graphics, one based on and created using vehicle number and traffic flow rates existing for peak hours of the day. It offered a monotone aerial graphic view of one of the intersections with vehicles passing through it. Simple and complex at the same time, it was impressive to see the rate at which all those little black rectangles were moving through the intersection, making turns close to each other.

One of the findings of the project team, is that the biggest increase in volumes of traffic at TV Hwy, is originating on a north-south axis...Cornelius Pass Rd...with the east-west TV Hwy. From the hi-tech businesses Hillsboro has successfully attracted to Washington County.

I didn't take notes...much, much more was mentioned. This is, from memory, just a recap of some of the details of the presentation. Quite a good 50 page paper copy of the report presentation was available at the meeting. At the back of the report are letters with thoughts about issues the plan seeks to address, from Metro District 4 Counselor Kathryn Harrington, and Beaverton Mayor Doyle. I picked one up, read it after the meeting, would recommend it to anyone reading here that would like to know more.

In case, somehow by my description, this sounds overall like a minor project, let me say to be clear...that's not true. This is a very important project. People from ODOT and Metro are involved...people from all the cities along the highway. Lots of money involved. Costs of individual projects are suggested in the document.

There's another Policy Group meeting coming up on February 4th.

Might as well post a few links, as I run across them, to sites and documents with further info about the plan and documents related to it.

Someone actually put together a decent looking website to provide ongoing info about plan developments...but noting the date of the most recent posting...back in November....it doesn't look like the site is being updated. Still, there may be some helpful info here: tvhighway.org

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