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Default Knickers

I wanted knickers. The knickers I find in women's that do fit have tiny useless pockets and ride my hips leaving my asscrack hanging out. I'm fed up with women's cloths period. I ended up buying used pants and chopping em. Then went to Germany and realized I could have stocked up on good looking knickers there. (not expensive either)

In a bike shop:
Cool cloths in my size.
Cloths for commuting, not spandex.
Friendly helpful staff
Able to provide that little bit of extra bit of helpful info(extra mile)
But leave be when I wanna browse(not usually an issue in bike shops)
Local gear as often as possible. Not in China.
Reasonable prices on some items(I understand is local is not cheap, nor is good quality)
Tool rental and repair and truing stands available with basic little tips if needed

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