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Red face Non-racing clothes for all sizes of women, please!

I get frustrated in the women's section of every bike shop I've ever visited, including REI, because all of their biking clothes seem to be geared for skin-tight, racer sleekness and not for everyday kind of use. One ought to be able to ride a bike to conduct errands and, once off the bike, look pretty much like everyone else.

Additionally, size "large" in women's bike clothing seems to equate to a size 6. There is nothing for the normal range of U.S. women's bodies. Okay, I'm overweight now but even when I was size 8 the "large" size women's bike pants just about cut off my circulation. I'm really tired of bike clothing manufacturers not acknowledging the existence of larger women. What a smart business move it would be to have a realistic range of women's clothing! Encourage more women to ride and make it easier and more comfortable for them to ride; they'll buy their clothes, ride, lose weight, and then have to come back and buy a whole new set of clothes in a smaller size. This cycle could be repeated 2 or 3 times for some women.

I notice that Clever Cycles has a nice pair of men's wool knickers and I'm wondering if they're planning to carry something similar for women. I'll tell you one thing, if any bike store employee tries to tell me that a pair of pants is "unisex" I know they are either blowing smoke or blind. There is no way the same pair of pants can possibly be decent fitting/looking for both men and women. I would definitely lose respect for any salesperson who tried to tell me that (and their store).

I would appreciate any tips people have on where to find functional cool weather clothes women who don't look like Kate Moss could wear biking. They don't have to be specifically made for biking.
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