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Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
Today's clothing (disclaimer: I was feeling cold)
Showers Pass Elite jacket (accept no substitutes)
Shebeest Pedal Pushers
Pearl Izumi AmFib tights over that
Sugoi Resistor booties
Long sleeve jersey
sleeveless fleece vest w/hood, and I wore the hood
long finger gloves w/GloGlovs over them
Heh. It sounds like a similar kit to what I used to wear on my 14 mile each way commute in NYC, in the middle of winter...when the temp was in the 20s. Well, minus the silk balaclava with the neoprene over that. Ah, those were the days.

Now I'm such a wuss that I don't even ride if it's raining when it's time to leave in the morning. So, my hat is off to you.
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