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Question Rainy Weather Clothing Tips for Ladies?

I just thought I would send out a post to see if any of you ladies out there have any fabulous rainy weather clothing tips for this upcoming winter. I work downtown in a professional setting and started commuting by bike everyday just after the rainy season last year.

So i know its still early for rain but I am starting to think about how I am going to combine a functional weatherproof cycling wardrobe with looking cute and professional at work. (I don't have access shower facility at work).

Any ideas on shoes/jackets/pants/skirts? I'm dying to find a shoe that is cute, weatherproof and good for active lifestyles. (I am NOT jumping on the Keen bandwagon).

i would also love to hear feedback on rain pants. do ya'll reccommend the rubbery kind that make you sweat on the inside but stay dry from the outside, or should i invest in some fancy pants gore-tex breathable type. Would you guys wear dres spants under rainpants or should i just wear something else entirely for biking?

I guess I could keep a bunch of clothes and shoes at work to change into but I really hate the double closet thing and would rather bike to work in almost my entire outfit for the day.

Am I crazy or is anyone else in this situation? sorry if i sound silly but i love riding my bike but have to look professional at work!


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