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Default two cents

Previous posters have pretty much covered it all, but I might want to add a few things:

- Organized rides, especially women-only rides. It's great because it promotes your business for you (more people on their bikes = more customers), but also because it keeps your shop involved in the neighborhood. I like a bike shop that feels like it's part of my community, not just a big vendor. REI has tons of bike gear, but I'll always spend my money at a shop where I've had a fun afternoon with the workers.

- Have a woman in your repair/maintenence department. Seeing another woman with bike grease under her fingernails inspires me to attempt bold new feats of bike mechanics on my own, and makes me love bikes even more. Who wants to go to a workshop full of guys that throw around jargon just to impress the lil' lady?

Thanks for asking!
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