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Y'know what would be nice, and would make me go out of my way to visit your shop (and possibly shop there)? A good selection of women's cycling gear. 99% of the places you go to have rack after rack (and page after page in their catalogs) of gear for men, and only one measly rack (or one page, in their catalogs) of everything they carry for women, including gloves, shorts, jerseys, etc.

And I'm not talking about "shrink it and pink it" clothing, I'm talking about the cool jerseys (Primal Wear has lots of great stuff) and nice shorts. Enough of the pastels, we want the cool Led Zep jersey too!

GOOD customer service is also a big plus. Helpful staff willing to give some advice about all kinds of stuff. I understand that they gotta get paid somehow, and telling me how to do the maintenance is not in their best interest. I'd leave the big stuff to them, anyway, I'm capable of cleaning and lubing my chain.
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