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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
Commonly known as brake steer...
I really need to try out a tadpole, they just look like too much fun!

My wife loves her EZ-3 delta-style trike, and it's a comfortable, fun, stylish load-hauler, but not much on cornering. It also spins its rear-drive too easily on hills (like, over ~12%) since it only has one drive wheel and it has only one rear braking wheel (inboard disk). I was idly pondering fixes to that (mirror-image freewheel ratchets with the cogs mounted independently inboard) and how to manage braking on all three wheels. I came up with hydraulics for the rear wheels, with the disks mounted to the inboard side of the wheels. Hydraulics are self-balancing, so both rears could be actuated by one hand lever. The front could stay a V-brake, that's plenty of brake for that design. I don't plan to pursue those ideas, but I'd be surprised if that sort of hydraulic set-up (single master driving two slaves) hasn't been done already on a trike.
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