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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
Considering the handbook suggests keeping both hands on the handlebar, I think no. 2 kind of overwrites the rest of the law.
Yeah, and no. 2 covers turn signalling, too.

100 feet is quite a ways. For me, the important message is to signal far enough in advance that other traffic isn't taken by surprise and expects what I'm going to do. So, maybe 100 feet before an intersection I'll flash a hand signal for a few seconds, glance around to see who is noticing, and start to squeeze the right brake. Then I'll drop my left hand to the bars and use that front brake as I approach the stop/turn zone. As I reach a stop, if there are others at the stop, I might use a hand signal again to indicate my intent.

I signal a turn judiciously, but when stopping, I am much more interested in having 2 brake handles in hand. Its kind of important on a recumbent trike with both brakes up front.
I was wondering about that the other day! No rear brakes on (most?) tadpoles? So, does the steering pull when only one brake is applied? Can you steer by braking?
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