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Default Central Clackistan to Troutdale

Thats my commute Say 224 and Lake to Tdale airport. I have tried a few ways and each has its limits:

205 path to Marine Drive- Stark, Washington and Glisan. Especially Glisan. Also some long ass hills. Takes my tired middle aged butt 2 hours. Also people smoking on the bike path at the MAX stations... Great make me want a smoke and slow me down. Also can be a real PITA if the wind on the river is against you.

205/Springwater/185th People in Gresham not so bike friendly. Shorter but heavy traffic. It takes me 1:40 but the constant fear of death makes it seem longer.

I am tempted to take Marine Dr to Interstate down to Elsplanade to Springwater but thats more of a tour than a commute- many miles out of my way.

I guess I should add that I am doing this in the dark both ways right now. Not everyday for sure but is there some way I havent thought of that is more user friendly? Times are on my cycle cross bike- seems like best speed I get on that thing over distance is 13-14MPH. Road bike I can get 16-19 depending on my mood but I need the XC bike at work for its loading capacity.
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