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The multi-purpose of bike lighting and the goals of people really makes a single sided survey pretty much useless. If on one occation I can answer one way, while in a completely different occation, I would answer another.

I have been working on making bike lights useful for some 2 years now. Mostly just a hobby but also serious about bike safety making it more than a casual interest.

Cost is often the prohibiting factor. Companies that use a name like DiNotte simply cater to the fears in people and charge accordingly.

A company that truly cares about our safety would make sure every bike has excellent lights while working with small margins. I haven't seen this in this industry. A silly little blinking light that cost less than a $1 to make goes for $25 or more. This is insane. These companies simply do not care about anything except their bottom line.

As for night time questions, any light good for daytime use will work well at night. Sometimes even too good!

The best summary I can provide here is know your audience and have solid solutions for all situations. I have seen some do this successfully but the cost is still out of this world.

Competing with the current players is going to be a struggle... but if you can put a light on every bike, and have them function as seeing as well as being seen at an affordable cost (<$40) for a complete (front and rear) superbright light set with adequate runtimes and rechargeable, then you might have something.

If you are doing this as a study for school, you might consider a little more work on your initial survey or even work on the business model 1st if you haven't done so already.
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