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I filled out both surveys and had that same problem as Spiffy of more than one bike & light. I picked one and then factored in other experiences. Each survey didn't let me fill it out more than once, although maybe I just needed to delete a cookie.

In both surveys, "meanwhile" should just be "while," a minor point.

More problematic were a couple of false choices. The one I remember is whether road visibility or being seen by cars is more important to me, and no choice of "both are essential" (at least in one survey, the other had a "both" option, IIRC). I decided that gven adequate road visibility, it's nearly certain that cars can see my light.

Oh, and the question about helmet-mounted lights was odd...can't recall th.e details but something about whether it was better than bar-mount. Again, my choice would be "it depends, but BOTH is better than either/or."

Another difficult choice was the 1-10 rating of peripheral lighting satisfaction. For road visibility, peripheral lighting is not very important to me, I want to see what's ahead, not what I'm passing. To me, peripheral refers to stuff way out on the sides, at least 45 off-center and more like 60, and that's farther out than I want a light for anything except being seen by cars, and well beyond where I expect to light up the road.

Finally, I suspect that the rider's intended use of lights varies a lot. For instance, MTB trail riders, randonneurs and commuters each have distinct qualities they expect of their lights in terms of brightness, beam pattern, battery life, weight, etc. A question about intended use might help group together different sets of responses.

Anyway, overall I like that Jairo is already looking at user-focused design in his senior year. Lots to be done and lots to learn in that field! Good luck, Jairo!
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