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Angry Told to mind my own business... OOPS! Wrong Answer

Caught a landscaper blowing leaves into the bike lane today... I asked him if he was going to clean it up. He got all pissed at me telling me that they will go away in a few weeks, and I should go and mind my own business... Guess he didn't know, my business is bike/ped/ADA advocacy. OOPS!

Unfortunately, my camera's battery dies if I leave it in the camera, so I wasn't able to photograph him.

I got the name of his company, called and complained to them. Went to the McDonald's restaurant that hired him, and complained about the mess, and how it's a hazard to cyclists (A LBS owner crashed when a hidden stick popped up and broke his carbon fiber fork once). Called Code Enforcement, and let them know about the situation.

I quickly heard back from Code Enforcement, that they've contacted McDonald's and advised them of the complaint and how they are liable for any crashes that result from people avoiding, or crashing due to the mess in the bike lane, and was working with the landscaping company to identify and "educate" the offending landscaper. I'm guessing that this guy's going to be coming back to work for them anytime soon.

At last check, the mess was still in place, but Code Services is on the case. I did manage one photograph of the mess though before the camera died.

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