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Here's a link to my flikr set for Hall Blvd.

I highly doubt the glass Cory from ODOT saw on Hall Blvd are "glass beads from the striping".

The glass consists of curved pieces, and chunks as big as my thumbnail to as small as my pinky fingernail. I have a chunk sitting here on my desk, and a larger chunk at home sitting next to my computer. To my eye, the glass looks like pieces from a clear bottle.

There are also chunks of ceramic-- I took a shot of a nice curved piece clearly indicating that this is part of crockery (bowl, mug, something) and not pieces of the striping chipping loose, as Cory seems to think it should be.

Vance with Tigard Streets can't do anything about the debris on Hall-- I've tried that route; the most he can do is pick up dead animals. He's reported stuff I've reported, but it doesn't appear that he has much pull with ODOT either.

Bottom line is, don't ride in the bike lane between about Ashford and Bonita, and then be cautious between McDonald and Commercial St. Maybe one day the street sweeper will get out there and pick it all up. Use caution, people.
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