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Default Front fender for a mountain bike with no eyelets on right side of fork?

I'm a new bike commuter and while things have been amazing all Summer, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do when the rain comes back. I currently have a mountain bike that I put new street friendly tires on and it's worked great so far. The bike also has a shock on the front but there are no eyelets on the right side of the fork to attach a front fender to. I know I could get a smaller fender that would pop into the hole of my stem tube but from what I've found on this board it won't really offer me the kind of protection that I'm going to want to ride on wet roads. Are there any products made that would offer me a full front fender or do I need to ditch the shock and buy a front fork to replace it so I can better endure wet weather rides?
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