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Thanks lovedoctor! That's some first-hand knowledge that I can use.

That path on Google Maps was the default cycling path that Google presented me. Since I posted above, and with your help, I've altered the commute route to be reflected below.

I think that Google Maps sent me up the steep hill on a footpath! You are correct though, if she goes down Salmon street to the Willamette's elevation she will then need to ride back up. Best to preserve that height and head southwest on Broadway towards SW Barbur Blvd and Tualatin.

Here is the revised bicycle commute via Google Maps (revision 1.1) ~> 11th St & SW Jeffersons St, Portland, OR to SW Sagert St & SW Martinazzi St, Tualatin, OR

I've also revised the route to more fully use SW Barbur Blvd.

This brings me to another question/point, what about taking SW Terwilliger Blvd above OHSU instead of SW Barbur Blvd until where the two boulevards intersect southerly? I see that SW Terwilliger Blvd is sinuous along the same elevation through the hills. Although, this may include ups and downs too. Is this a safer/calmer alternative?

Another question about the route in this post's Google Map bicycle commute, near the southern end, at the intersection of SW Hall Blvd (turns into SW 85th Ave) & SW Durham Rd, would it be better continuing south along the SW 85th Ave (along the above route) or turning east along SW Durham Rd then proceeding south on SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd?
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