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I ride from where SW PDX, Tigard, and Beaverton all meet up to SE Hawthorne everyday. The route you posted is easy going and safe along the river, but that lefthand corner on the map (heading West up to Barbur) is a really nasty uphill climb. I mean stoopid nasty. After coming over the Hawthorne Bridge, I hang a left on 1st street and head up to where Barbur starts and take that all the way home. Barbur is actually pretty easy once you get acclimated to the high speed autos. It isn't the most pleasant ride given the traffic and lights further South, but there just isn't a good route that I know of other than that, and it has a reasonable bike lane for most of it. But just be prepared for flats, since there is usually a bit of road debris. The Fanno Creek Trail is certainly nice, but it's rather hodge podge, and often filled with joggers and walkers, so I avoid it when I'm actually trying to get somewhere.

Regardless, you and your friend should do a few practice rides and see how it goes. Kudos to your friend for her initiative, and to you for helping!
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