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Originally Posted by jeff View Post
Be sure to report back on your trip!
Got back on Monday, and it was a dandy of a trip (in a mostly good way). I took the route South out of Forest Grove as posted by some of the helpful folks here to Carlton, then Meadowlake/Nestucca River Rd. First off, I must type this in all caps:

NESTUCCA RIVER ROAD IS CLOSED! until sometime in August. This was not posted anywhere online that I saw, including the BLM website for campsites in the area (that area also closed. You would think they would mention something...) nor the Googles. There is a major repair going on that makes the road just past the summit impassable even for bikes. The detour around it involves many extra miles and a heck of a hill. The only campsite with running water was of course on the West side of the closure, so I ended up drinking boiled river water with lots of floaty bits in it. I was able to get around the construction (a giant pit where the road once was with a backhoe in it) by dragging my fully loaded Big Dummy cargo bike (big and 90 pounds) through a rocky river bed and up a very steep and thorny river bank without the park ranger catching me, but it was not at all fun.

After that adventure, sailing down 101 was a breeze. Lots of campsites and beautiful scenery. Folks in Newport and Coos Bay area generally not too bike friendly, which was disappointing, but for the most part drivers on the sketchy sections of 101 were reasonably accommodating. I talked to two brothers biking to San Diego along the way; they had a map from that showed some good side routes to avoid said sketch. I'll check that out next time. My wife and son drove down to Coos Bay and we stayed with friends that homebrew (for the hydrating properties, ya know!) and I hitched a ride with them back up to PDX.

Overall, it was a very memorable trip that will be repeated again. Self-supported touring/camping is a blast, especially when there are at least some small pockets of civilization nearby to refuel and pick up nutritious beer. I would post pictures, or you could just googlate images of "beautiful oregon coastline". Same thing.
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