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Simple Nature: thanks for both responses. The other day I found a good day by day break down of that ROAM route on someone's blog. Thanks for the tip. On a side note, when I lived in Minneapolis I worked at Calhoun Cycle. As a recumbent guy I'd think you might be mildly familiar with that name. Is this true? I had a great time working there. I didn't know anything about recumbent bikes when I started but it was super fun all the same.

Alan: I don't know Matt Picio but recognize his name from here. Thanks. I'm familiar with CGOAB but had spaced it out.

I used to ride an early 80s Bridgestone something or other. I forget what model. I acquired it from a friend and it needed a paint job pretty bad. I had it powdercoated before I built it up. Then I picked up a Surly CrossCheck and have ridden the Hell out of that. I've been friends with Joseph Ahearne for quite a few years now and he built me a frame/forks/racks on the cheap during a frame building class he teaches at UBI. So now I have a custom Ahearne. I just built the wheels this week and the parts are nothing flashy, just solid and reliable stuff.

There isn't anything special about any of the camping gear I have. That sort of thing is constantly, slowly changing. Like for a number of years I've used a 2 person Sierra Designs tent that my longtime and now ex girlfriend and I used together. I only camp solo, or rather, I don't share a tent with anyone anymore, so I now have a MSR Hubba. I use a canister stove by Snow Peak. It's light, boils fast, etc. My friends use Trangia stoves and I've thought of getting one of those. I used that, now I use this, etc...
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