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Originally Posted by gforcepdx View Post
Having lots of fun on my bike but unsure how far it is I'm really riding. Google maps is telling me a trip from Alberta Park to the Sellwood Bridge is about 11 miles or so depending on the route. I keep to the west side and as close to the water as possible.

But then today I was looking at a ride from my park to the western most edge of the lake in Lake Oswego and it is calling that distance anywhere from 12 to 22 miles depending on which source I ask. All source's are online like map quest, google maps and others. Getting these different reports now has me wondering if my 11 mile trip to the Sellwood Bridge is really correct.

Lastly, in looking for a route to Lake-o, I am finding no direct route but several proposed routes and a lot of busy looking pdf's. there would appear to be no safe direct route to lake-o along the river at this time but only the circuitous route along the Tryon Park route. I love the later part of this route but getting there looks like it means following Terwilliger which would seem to involve miles of housing and strip malls which I was hoping to avoid.
Tryon park is great. Come up from the river through the cemetery. Then you have a short, mostly downhill to the entrance of Tryan park.
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