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Default Carlton to Beaver

Rode the Nestucca River Rd. last weekend between Carlton and Beaver, on the way to Pacific City. Still a beautiful route, but not quite as nice as when the road was closed off in the middle to motor vehicles.

Thought I would warn those using Google maps that while NW Panther Creek Rd. is shown as the main road on Google maps (cutting left off of NW Meadow Lake Road), that you should just stay on Meadow Lake Road until it turns into Nestucca River Rd. Taking the Panther Creek Rd. "shortcut" results in an extra 1.5 miles of gravel, some steep enough (and deep enough gravel) that it required walking so as not to lose traction with 23c road tires. I had no problem maneuvering the expected (and previously ridden) gravel section of Nestucca River road.

Oh yeah, one other thing. The hills are steeper than they used to be.
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