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Default good times...

I'm also new to the commuiting thing. I've been doing it 6 miles round trip, 5 days a week for the last two months. I think your going to be super happy about your choice to commute by bike. I havent really been concerned about riding this winter, but at the same time will be really proud of myself to get through the winter on the bike. I'm hoping by next spring that I'll not be so winded on some of the inclines on the ride home. I would agree with the above mentioned and recommend lights for sure. Maybe even one for your helmet as well. I dont have one yet, although I noticed the other day while driving my car at how well they work up there for the cyclist. Especially for cars that are at intersections with cars parked on the side of the streets, it just makes you more visible since the car driver doesnt have the oppurtunity to see your bike light by the car obstruction. Man thats was winded, I should have said to just try and cross Stark @30th Street. Anyways I think you should go for it, and you too can have a huge smile on your face like I did today while riding in the rain. Ciao
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