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Default The Bicycle Book

I needed a little book for those increasingly spare moments I seem to be able to dedicate to reading. This fit the need. It's an anthology of little bike stories: humorous, serious, political, technical, meaningful, and all worthy of time spent reading. Plus, it's got a really cool cover.

One of my favorites inside the little book was "Of Dogs and Cyclists: The Difference Between Riders." This past summer, after logging lots of in-city commuting and dating miles, I noted the differences in all of us; cyclists are a diverse bunch with different bikes, costumes, and perhaps different motives for biking.

My observations ranged from the quintessential Portland Hipster enjoying a smoke and a PBR on a recycled classic chromoly, to an upscale lycra clad cyclist ripping it up on a feather weight carbon frame.

Despite the wonderful variety, the passion for riding is common to all.

"Of Dogs and Cyclists . . . " put a fun spin on it all.
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