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Default women only winter repair class

Iíve been teaching no-jargon, low-testosterone classes for 14 years (founded the Cycling Center, taught at Bike Gallery and City Bikes before that) to kids, women and guys. I like to coach people who consider themselves as un-mechanical.

If you and yours want to take my all women class - reach me for more details and letís set a date.

The class steps are:

1 - I meet with each student briefly to talk about your bikeís condition, usefulness for your cycling goals and any special tools youíll need for the class.

2 Ė A few days before the class, I email out a more detailed description of what weíll be covering which are: SafetyCheck, adjusting bearings, brakes, gears, and wheel truing.

3 - Everyone arrives at BIKEmpoweredís mechanics school space at 8 a.m. (near 23rd and NE Alberta) , and move through each section until 4 p.m., taking a few short breaks as wanted and a 30 minute lunch break.

4 - If you have questions after the class, Iím available.
As we go through each step, I demonstrate how to do it, then give more tips for each student as they do it themselves.

Class max size: 6. Class cost: $60.

Iím best reached at
To perfect your bicycling repair and riding skills - get involved with BIKEmpowered, for lifelong, lifestyle bicycling.

Thanks for telling all your 'wish I would ride more' buddies about BIKEmpowered too.

Spinning our wheels for good!

Brian at BIKEmpowered
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