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Default Create a floorplan that lets unobtrusive shopping occur

My comments are not gender specific.
I don't know what your space contraints are, but a larger, more spacious shop with the ability to walk around and look at biking accoutrements (i.e, "shop" as opposed to "pick up and get out") may be more appealing than a tiny shop with gadgets and gear hanging literally floor-to-ceiling, every square inch accounted for.
It's not that I have anything against space efficiency, but it's that if you aren't looking for something specific, (if you are just shopping) then you find yourself doing so without walking around. You can "shop" in citybikes repair shop, for example, by just standing in one spot, looking up and down slowly and rotating 360 degrees. It would take you an hour though!
But almost nobody, woman or man, would do that without feeling a little awkward, and probably stopping shopping that way faster than they would if they could walk around while doing so.

Best of luck!
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