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K'Tesh 04-04-2012 12:29 PM

Better route to PSU from Goose Hollow...
For those who ride the MAX and use their bike, there's a route that you might not be aware of... I've done what I can to show it using google, but it's not showing up 100% accurately. New Route

Using this route, you'll likely fight less pedestrians, have fewer stoplights, maintain your altitude, and encounter less motor traffic.
Get off of the MAX at Goose Hollow, go West (uphill) rather than East.

Turn Left (uphill) on SW 20th Ave., and then left again at the church's driveway. Ride through parking lot, you'll end up on SW 18th.

Turn Right (uphill) on SW 18th and proceed under Hwy 26. Just past Hwy 26, you'll find a trail that parallels it on your left.

Follow it to SW Montgomery St., Turn left, and you can coast down to campus.

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