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bikewonder 09-11-2008 10:21 AM

Women on Bikes continuation ride - Sept. 20th
So you have been riding this summer and want to continue to ride - especially with a group of people? The City of Portland SmartTrips program is leading a coed ride from Wilshire Park, Saturday Sept. 20th. We will meet at 9am to chat (bagels, juice) and ride off at 9:45. YES we ask that you wear helmets.

We will be riding out to Kelley Point Park - 20 miles, with a 10-mile option. This is a great time to meet others with your skill level and distance desire.

Back at Wilshire Park - starting at noon Russell Street BBQ is hosting a 5 year anniversary with $5 plates - PLUS it is a fundraiser for Community Cycling Center.

If you want to join please RSVP (email or call) so I know the number of bagels needed.

Hope to see you out there. Cheers, Janis

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